About our policies…

• Private life

We respect our clients private life.
All information gathered on our information forms, or otherwise, will never be divulged
  (except if required by law or legal warrant).
We use encryption (minimum 128 bits) to protect sensitive data.
We protect our database and computing environment.
All video montage / productions we make for clients are made available only to the person who ordered the production via a dedicated private viewing webpage. (See an example here >>>)
The dedicated private viewing webpage (presenting the montage in HD and/or SD) for your video production and ordered products will be clearly indicated by private e-mail that will be sent to the person who ordered the production.
A second e-mail will be sent (within minutes of the first one) to indicate the private access code to view the video production.
Subsequently, the client) can share this information with appropriate contacts.

- You are responsible for the access to your dedicated private viewing webpage and are therefore responsible for the information about said webcast you will receive under confidentiality at your e-mail address.
- We cannot be made responsible for what you do with said precise private information (internet address) and cannot (until further notice) assure the confidentiality of this information once you have received it by e-mail.
- However, we will not transmit this said precise private information (internet address) by any other means than by e-mail at the e-mail address you will have indicated to us during ordering of your video production.

• Invoicing

No work (particularly with respect to specialized services) will be made without your clearly expressed consent.
The amounts (price) are all calculated in canadian currency (unless specified otherwise).
We must charge applicable taxes (as is appropriate to your location).
Transport of your pictures, videos or any other items required to assemble your selected video production is at your expense,
unless specifically indicated as otherwise on your invoice.


• Refund policy

All sales are final.


• Coherence in the service

We ssure you that during verbal exchange with us (from the initial order entry up to customer service), you will have to deal with a maximum of two of our authorised representatives (staffmembers). This is to assure an efficient and personal service.


• Copyright

We respect copyright and refuse to break any copyright laws. (we explain more about this in the FAQ page >>>)
If you believe that your copyright has been infrindged, Please let us know (by e-mail at : legal@ProductionsInMemoriam.com)
within the best delays. We will promptly study the situation and will act occordingly.
If we believe our copyright has been violated, we reserve ourselves the right to take appropriate legal actions.
  Note: All our collaborators must respect the copyright laws and sign an official agreement to that effect.


• Service by territories

Productions In Memoriam Inc. currently offers full service to United States and Canada.
For DVD and other deliveries to Hawaï, Alaska, Yukon, Nunavut, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Nothwest Territories, you must add 1 to a few more days (according to time of year/ exceptional weather or factors that might affect delivery).
We can also serve clients in Mexico, South America, Europe and Australia, but only by internet (no DVD deliveries, nor pickup of photos for our digitizing service).

If you think we need to detail some more information...

Should you think of a subject matter for a policy you would like to see addressed here,
please feel free to contribute by contacting us by e-mail at vox_populi@ProductionsInMemoriam.com

We always take the time to deal with thoughtful communications.


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