We are all about you

Being quite aware that you probably have personal and specific needs at this time in your life, we work with dedication to serve you well.

We offer many products (view Demos) and a full range of specialized services.

Since there are many things to know about us, we created a full section that covers many topics, including our policies, FAQ and a word from our President / CEO.

Also, make sure to visit the section about our many Services >>>

What you will not get from us (one more reason why we stand as rather unique)
Because we have a strong policy of respect of individuals, we refuse to do or display advertisement on our web site. Yes, we will present you with information, some examples, statements and also some costs, in order to make sure you better understand what we have to offer you, but this is done without advertisement or flashiness.

We are located in the Laurentians, near Montreal.

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